Gift Order Instructions

For online gift orders to multiple recipients.

NOTE: This process is much easier if you have a Shelburne Farms Online Store Account (it will save your recipient addresses and account information for this order and future orders).

Account Login

  1. Create an account or log in to your existing account.

  2. Select Shipping Addresses at your account information page. Add a new address. Note that the 'shipping alias' is the unique shortcut name that you assign to each address so you can select it later in the drop down 'ship to' menu. (A Ship Phone number is not required, but is helpful for shipping/delivery issues). Select Submit. Add any additional addresses.


  1. Navigate to the product you want to purchase, and select a name from the Ship to field below that product category's description. Click in the box to see all your saved recipients. If all you can see is "me" when you click on it, then no other names and addresses have been saved in your account.
    NOTE: If you add a new recipient here in the "Add New Recipient" field their information will not be saved for future use. If you do use this field, only put in a shortcut name, you will fill in full name and address at checkout. To permanently add them to your address book, go back to "My Account".

  2. Enter the quantity of the product item you wish to send and select Add to Cart.

  3. "My Shopping Cart" will show all items you have selected so far for each recipient. You can Remove Products, Change Product Recipients or Continue Shopping to add your next item (to an existing shipment or to another recipient).

  4. To send an identical product to a list of recipients. (e.g., to send each of your 10 college friends a 2-lb block of 2-year cheddar):
    1. Go to the page of the first product, select "me" in Ship to field, and enter the TOTAL number of that product you want (e.g., select 10 blocks of cheddar for your 10 recipients). Add to Cart. Repeat for any additional products (e.g., you decide you also want to send each friend a pint of maple syrup).
    2. On "My Shopping Cart" page select Change Product Recipients. You'll see each item listed separately, and you can select a different recipient for each item in the Ship To column (change it from "me"). When done assigning recipients, select Reassign Products at the bottom of the page.

  5. Select Continue Shopping to add more items to grouped or individual packages, repeating until done.

  6. When all your orders have been entered, select Checkout.


  1. At "Begin Checkout" page, check the box if you are a Shelburne Farms member or select Become a Member to support our programs and to receive a 10% discount on your purchase (excludes shipping charges, memberships, and Gift Certificates). Select Continue .
    NOTE: For Gift Orders totaling $750 or more (excluding shipping), members will receive an additional 5% discount off each item, for a total of about 15%. Non-members will receive a 10% discount off each item. Discounts will be reflected as a 'promo discount' in your "Order Totals" page and in your email confirmation.

  2. On "Shipping Information" page, please double check the addresses, especially those that may have changed since your last order. Any changes made here will only apply to the current order. You must make any permanent address changes under "My Account".

  3. Enter a Gift Message (for each recipient).

  4. Select the Shipping Method for each recipient from the dropdown menu.

  5. Enter a Requested Ship Date (use calendar to avoid errors). If no ship date is entered, we will assume that As Soon As Possible is desired.

  6. Enter any Comments or Special Instructions.

  7. Select Continue when finished.

  8. Review "Order Totals." See a problem? Back arrow to the page where you need to make changes, then resume checking out, or call us at any point: 802-985-0333.

  9. Select Continue when finished.

  10. Under "Billing Information," enter all required fields, including payment method, then select Continue.

  11. "Confirmation Order Information." Edit as needed.

  12. Submit Order.

  13. "Order Complete." Your order number will show. You will receive an email confirmation with all the details for each gift recipient as well as the combined total.