Tractor Cheddar

We don’t intend to make Tractor....Free-spirited Tractor just happens! This strong and robust cheese comes about now and then, revealing itself after 2 or more years of aging. Flavors and texture can vary greatly from batch to batch, but we assure you they are always interesting.
  • 8 oz Tractor Cheddar (vacuum-sealed)
  • $14.00
Our tractor cheddar is available in ½ lb vacuum-sealed packages. All our cheddar cheeses achieve their full flavor potential when brought up to room temperature by removing them from refrigeration a half hour to an hour before serving.

8 oz pieces: 3.5" H x 3.5" W x 1" D

Ingredients: Raw Milk, Salt, Calf Rennet, Starter Cultures

We don’t like to pigeon hole Tractor, so we just suggest pairing it with whatever makes you happy.
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