Natural Rind Collection

SKU # 310
  • Clothbound (16 oz wedge)
  • Red Wine & Garlic Salami (two 4 oz salami)*
  • Tangy Maple Mustard (8 oz jar)
  • Multi-Seed Rye Crackers (5 oz package)

* Two 4 oz Red Wine & Garlic Salami will currently be substituted for the Saucisson au Fromage.
Celebrate microbial diversity and enjoy the flavors they impart on our Clothbound Cheddar and Saucisson au Fromage! These two delicious items benefit from a natural rind that forms on their exterior which adds a pleasantly earthy flavor and aroma to the finished product. They both taste delicious with a healthy dab of our Tangy Maple Mustard on a Castleton Cracker. Share this with anyone who loves traditional food practices and robust flavors.
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