Maple Tasting Trio

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  • Golden Maple Syrup (250 ml glass bottle)
  • Amber Maple Syrup (250 ml glass bottle)
  • Dark Maple Syrup (250 ml glass bottle)
  • Buttermilk Pancake Mix (1 lb package)
  • The Official Vermont Maple Cookbook (64 pages)
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Maple sap flows freely and sweetly only after a winter dormant period, urged by internal pressures resulting from days above freezing and nights below freezing. As the sugaring season progresses here at Shelburne Farms from February through March, each batch of syrup is a little different. Early syrup is light golden with a delicate buttery taste, evolving to a dark amber with a robust maple flavor by season’s end. This variation is reflected in our Maple Tasting Trio. Try it and discover which flavor you prefer!

The color/flavor grades included in this trio are: ‘Golden Color with Delicate Taste,’ ‘Amber Color with Rich Taste,’ and ‘Dark Color with Robust Taste.’
The criteria for each are defined by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture.
For a full description of the differences and pairing suggestions click this link: color grade descriptions from VT Maple Sugar Makers’ Assoc.
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