Cheddar Extravaganza

SKU # 343
  • 6-Month Cheddar (16 oz block)
  • 1-Year Cheddar (16 oz block)
  • 2-Year Cheddar (16 oz block)
  • 3-Year Cheddar (16 oz block)
  • Smoked Cheddar (15.5 oz block)
  • Castleton Salted Maple Crackers
  • Castleton Multi-Seed Rye Crackers
  • Liquid Vermont Honey (8 oz)
  • Maple Onion Jam (9 oz)
This splendid assortment includes one pound blocks of our 6 month through 3 year cheddars, as well as a pound of our smoked cheddar. Two boxes of Castleton crackers, a jar of liquid honey from Northwoods Apiaries, and a jar of maple onion jam from Blake Hill provide the perfect accompaniments. Let the snacking begin!
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