Cheddar & Chocolate

SKU # 315
The sweet and savory nature of the chocolate bark made at Daily Chocolate in Vergennes, VT, pairs remarkably well with our Extra Sharp 2-Year Cheddar. Vermont Raw Honey is also included to add a little extra sweetness.

  • 2-Year Cheddar (16 oz waxed block)
  • Vermont Raw Honey (8 oz jar)
  • Madame Great Bark (2.8 oz)
  • Toffee Almond Bark (2.8 oz)
Madame Great Bark is a 41% milk chocolate with tamari roasted almonds and sea salt.
Toffee Almond Bark is a 72% dark chocolate with toffee and almonds.
Daily Chocolate uses locally sourced dairy, and their raw chocolate is sourced from a family-owned company with a commitment to fair trade practices.

Our raw honey is harvested from hives in Northern Vermont and produced without pesticides by Northwoods Apiaries in Westfield.
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