Uniquely Shelburne

SKU # 300
  • Tractor Cheddar (1/2 lb block)
  • Smoked Cheddar (1 lb block)
  • Clothbound Cheddar (1 lb wedge)
These cheeses are unique to Shelburne Farms. Our Clothbound Cheddar has a distinct flavor similar to the best English Cheddars. The Smoked Cheddar is cold smoked for 8 hours with hickory wood to impart a flavor and aroma memory of bacon and barbecue. It's rounded out with a 1/2 lb of our Tractor Cheddar, normally only available at the Welcome Center and Farmers' Market, with it's wildly unpredictable, but satisfying strong flavors. These are all cheeses with limited availability so get them while they're available.
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